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It Only Takes One…

All organizations whether they have a handful of employees or 50+ should have an employee handbook. An employee handbook helps owners/organization and the management team set the vision and culture of an organization. It sets expectations of how the organization expects employees to conduct themselves with their coworkers, in the workplace and with clients. Since the expectations are written, followed and enforced, it can provide a process to mentor, direct and in some cases terminate employees that are not meeting the organization’s expectations. The employee handbook also states any regulatory compliance that the organization may be required to follow. […]

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Bridge Building – It Takes Two

Not long ago I came across a saying:
“Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges
to keep the crazies from following you”
– Anonymous
I then thought to myself – Don’t we need an existing, solid bridge, in which to burn?’

A bridge alludes to a complete connection or a relationship that has two sides, whether it is personal or business. To build a relationship at least two people need to participate in forging the connection deeper into a legit bridge. That means when someone lays the groundwork towards the commitment, the other person must be open, receive and help further the […]

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