Partnering with Petiole HR means making a serious commitment to creating a culture of responsibility across all levels of the organization. We understand that this level of commitment is not for everyone.

Petiole HR concentrates on these key areas:

Building trust and values to align the management team and workforce to develop a culture of responsibility.

Petiole HR focuses on the relationship between the management team and workforce. This alignment is crucial to creating a solid culture based on trust and values. We act as the conduit between the management team and workforce to move the organization forward by embracing your mission and values.  We work to make a positive change in the lives of the entire organization. This creates a total workforce that can focus on achieving the organization’s goals through a culture of responsibility.

Holistic, creative approach to prevent and solve simple and complex HR issues.

At Petiole HR , we strive to prevent problems before they happen and look at each issue from a unique point-of-view. This approach allows your organization to be proactive, focused on the positive and looking to the future. When problems do occur, we approach them with the care and respect necessary to solve the issue and help the organization as a whole. No matter what the issue, big or small, Petiole HR will help in finding a solution so that the organization can continue to concentrate on its growth.

Understanding, experience and skills to provide a modern and compliant human resources.

With over 20 years of workforce experience, Petiole HR is a resource that brings organizations policies and best business practices up-to-date and compliant with today’s standards. We look to guide organizations so that they have the knowledge and confidence to make effective workforce decisions. We create strong organizational cultures by developing an infrastructure that will allow the organization to serve its workforce and grow, while reducing overall risk.